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I'm often referred to as 'the complete criminal justice package.'   Uniquely, I have serious experience in all areas of the system, even as a victim! So I understand it, perfectly.  Primarily, I was a police officer, there followed time as an assistant to two very different High Court Judges'.  Then I worked with a number of support services helping victims of 'serious' crime.  Finally, last and by no means least. I have studied, and spoken with, many of the world's most serious criminal offenders, murderers and serial killers. I think its fair to say, I understand the system!

My time as a police officer covered three decades, and during that period, I worked on many memorable investigations. Interviewing countless criminals who operated within the darker side of humanity. 

Working with the judiciary at the Royal Courts of Justice, London. I experienced the bureaucratic machinations that occur behind the scenes of a criminal trial or civil hearing.  To say it was eye opening would be an understatement.   At times it was shocking, to see how alien some of the judiciary is from the reality of the real world of crime fighting, and the public. 


Without doubt, one of my greatest life achievements came in 2010, when I unanimously won, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies Outstanding Individual of the Year Award.  A panel of eminent authorities that included, the then Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales (Lord Woolf) decided that my voluntary work with victims of abuse was worthy of such recognition.  

I’m extremely passionate about writing, and the first of my crime fiction novels, (Book I of The Grooming Parlour Trilogy - Revenge of the Malakim), was published in February 2017, by Williams & Whiting.  It's received some quite incredible reviews. I can promise my readers, a fast paced serial killer, thriller, with lots of realistic twists and turns, right through to the last page. Book Two in the trilogy (The Dark Web) is due out later this year (2017).


In additon to all of this, I give talks to groups of all sizes, right through to appearances at national and international conferences. This is mainly on my police career, specific or regional crimes, and crime writing


If you would like to more about my talks, then please contact me via the form elsewhere on the website. 

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