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Thank you for visiting my website. Having a career that spanned four decades in the English criminal justice system, it's fair to say,  I've seen a lot.  I've seen things no person deserves to see. I've been told things, and listened to matters I wish I'd never heard. I've seen murder, corruption, deceit, and high level cover ups across the spectrum of society, and within many elite organisations.  

I've stared evil in the eye, I recognise it, and now... it recognises me! I've walked the shady corridors of power, and death, in these, I've found the darker side of humanity lurking around every corner.  I've communicated with, and questioned killers of all types and denominations. Getting deep inside their heads and asking probing questions that make them squirm.

I'm unique, I know that.  Now, through my fictional police officer, DCI Will Scott, I'm ready to tell the basis of those experiences through my crime novels. Everything will come from the real life situations I've encountered throughout my life, and have been involved in.  I've spent decades confronting real life monsters, and not all of them are incarcerated in prison. Today, I see these creatures for what they are.  So, I've decided, it's time to create my own monsters, based on the traits of the psychopaths, sociopaths, and downright evil people I've met. 

Why not join DCI Will Scott, and his team of investigators, in one of my crime fiction books?... but, be warned! You'll need to buckle yourself in, because you'll be going on a journey you're unlikely to forget! 


I’m extremely passionate about writing, and the first of my crime novels, Revenge of the Malakim, Book I of the Grooming Parlour Trilogy was published in February 2017. Book II  & III in the trilogy, title and date to be determined by publisher, will be completed in 2018.

A one off Christmas special is also planned for publication for 2018. More detail on this, to follow.

Thank you again for dropping by.


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