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Thank you for visiting my website. Having a career that spanned four decades within the English criminal justice system, it's fair to say,  I've seen a lot.  I've seen horrors that no person deserves to see. I've been told things, I wish I'd never heard. I've seen murder, corruption, deceit, and high level cover ups across the spectrum of society.  

I've looked evil in the eye, I recognise it now, as it does me! I've found the darker side of humanity lurking everywhere.  I've communicated with serial killers and murderers of all types and denominations, asking the kind of probing questions that make them squirm, helping depict a unique profile of what makes them tick.

I am unique, I know that.  I'm a true story teller, each of my future crime books will show that.

I'm ready to tell the basis of those experiences in my stories. Everything will come from true to life situations that have been encountered.  I've spent decades confronting the minds of real life monsters, serial killers and paedophiles, gaining an incredible insight into what makes them tick. 

Now, through my entertaining talks and books, you'll have up close and personal access to those monsters. 

You've been warned, buckle yourself in, as you'll be going on a journey you're unlikely to ever forget!

My talks, while containing a mass of fact and new detail, are for entertainment, an enjoyable evening providing a unique look inside the minds of serial killers.

I'm writing a 'one off' terrifying Christmas crime novel, that will be published in December 2018. More detail on that to follow. Then there's podcasts, amazing interviews, book reviews, freebies, and lots of competitions, plus all the up to date news on my speaking and book signing events.

Simply contact me via this website and leave your email, and you'll be signed up to my monthly 2018 newsletter.

Thank you once again for dropping by.


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